To be honest, I love bagels. As a disclaimer, I am from Montreal and I grew up with them. In my family my Father would get up early on Sunday, drive to pick up the fresh bagels. They were usually still warm and soft in their paper bag. We waited, hungry and excited for our Bagels Cream Cheese and Lox. It was a whole production, everyone like it different, and on those Sunday mornings, my Dad was in charge! I can actually remember having at least 2 bagels in a sitting as a small child. Bagels are definitely one of my comfort foods, and I know I am not alone.


bagel as art 1

So how did they become the objects for Art? I think it’s because of our love affair with bagels. Some of us feel inspired by bagels! In New York, they are creating multi-colored bagels. These seriously blow my mind, and feel so funny wrong and wonderful at the same time.






There is so much more to the creative process with bagels, and different kinds, but I am referring to bagels as ART! Or in this case: Bagel as accessory. This artist has a definite love vibe for bagels. Here are creations by Chloe Wise. I don’t know if her bagel inspired wearable art is adorable or delicious.

bagel as art3

Bagel as art

Here’s the thing, art is subjective, what one person finds beautiful and moving another will be drawn to another style or performance or art form. What can I say about this cute couple? You have to give them A+ for really pulling off the bagel costumes! And the nuance of the simple cream cheese side with the complexity of the lox and onion side! Inspired, right?

 bagel as art5

Bagel as costume

Artist use different art forms to express themselves and sculpture is one of the most obvious public art statement. So, to end this off, I would like to pay a tribute to Hanna Liden. She’s created Giant Bagel Art! Serious props for a serious love with bagels!

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bagel as art7

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  1. Loved this post on bagels and as a Montrealer I too love bagels. I just tried your cinnamon bagels…..WOW. Tastes like dessert. Will be back real soon.

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