Have you heard of Kosher salt? Some say next to a good knife, it’s revered as the most important item in a self proclaimed foodie’s kitchen.

What is Kosher salt and is there truth behind the hype? The first question that is most intriguing is; What’s the difference between kosher salt, table salt, and sea salt?

Fact 1: the chemical makeup of Kosher Salt, table salt and sea salt is the same compound; sodium chloride

Fact 2: It’s the texture and density of the different salts that actually affect the taste outcome

Fact 3: Table salt is very fine, evenly shaped crystals and iodine is added. It’s mined from underground salt deposits and is denser than sea or Kosher salt.

Fact 4: Table salt, because of the more compact density is saltier! There is more salt per pinch to any recipe.

Fact 5: Sea Salt is the least processed. Flakes are collected after dehydration or evaporation, and may contain various minerals besides the salt itself altering the color.

Fact 6: Sea salt is mostly more expensive than kosher or table salt.

Fact 7: Sea salt is irregularly shaped, usually in flakes and is less dense than table salt, therefore less salty with every pinch.

Fact 8: Kosher Salt – The most unrefined of the salts, comes in large chunky crystals.

Fact 9: A pinch of Kosher salt, because of it’s larger grain size and density is the least salty of all the salts per volume.

Fact 10: Kosher salt is the most versatile of all the salts. It’s great for all the seasoning of your meal, before a meal in preparation or to marinate, during for taste and after for preservation.

Fact 11: if you need to control your salt intake, Kosher salt is easier to control.

Fact 12: You can use each interchangeably, but the gourmet foodie knows that using the right salt for the right occasion is the difference between good food and fantastic fabulous food.

Fact 13: “All salt can be kosher (if it’s produced under kosher supervision) but not all kosher salt is kosher.”

Fact 14: The phrase “kosher salt,” is a twentieth-century North American term. The product was known as “koshering salt.”





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  1. How is Bagel Salt different from Kosher Salt? Does it bake the same same way if you’re making an “Everything” blend for bread making or will the kosher salt just dissolve when baked?

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