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Who doesn’t love a good Muffin? Muffins are not a new invention but they have gained in popularity and varieties have become a source of pride! They are easy to eat; a cross between a dessert, a meal, a healthy snack, heartier than cup cakes and easy to transport.

The origin of the Muffin:

The concept and word Muffin was first found in print in the early 1700’s, but was spelled MOOFIN. There are 2 possible word origins, it either came from the Low German word MUFFEN, which is the plural of MUFFE. (MUFFEs are small cakes) Or some say the word could have been derived from MOUFFLET, which in OLD French means soft.

Muffins vs English Muffins

This blog post does not include The English Muffin, or any other formed quick round breads baked in molds. We are strictly talking about our beloved Muffin that can be savory or sweet , loaded with chocolate chips or blueberries, made with zucchini, banana or carrots and so much more.


Our Carrot Muffins


Most experts agree that muffins are considered quick bread and that their humble beginning was in the United States in the 18th century. That is because quick bread baked goods are leavened without yeast and more importantly they use a batter rather than yeast rising dough. The history of modern baking starts with pearlash, a precursor to baking powder. Pearlash is a refined form of potash and when used in baking produces carbon dioxide to rise the dough or batter. The US was exporting pearlash to Europe by 1792. Baking powder then replaced and gained wide spread use by 1857- in the baking world, that is when everything changed!

Muffins vs Cupcakes

Muffins are quick breads and not cupcakes. The main difference is that cupcakes are always sweet and cake-like, made with cake batter and are always eaten as dessert, with sugar frosting- sometimes sprinkles.


Muffins vs Molds

Which came first, muffin pans or cupcake pans? They both use batter, so they need a mold rather than a large cake pan! There is no definitive proof that I came across, to indicate who invented the muffin tin or who used cupcake molds first, their history and evolution is intertwined. Muffins have always been bread-like rather than pancake-like or cake-like. screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-12-08-30-pm

So when you sit down and have your next muffin, either for breakfast or with a coffee think of it’s humble beginning and how marvelous our world is with muffins in it.


Our Cranberry and Chocolate Chip Muffins


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