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  Hamantaschen; They are so much more than Pastry.     It’s impossible to talk about Hamantaschen without bringing up the Holiday of Purim. In the Ashkenazi Jewish tradition these triangular pastries are called (“Haman’s pockets”) or some call them Oznei Haman (“Haman’s ears”). They are based on the biblical story of how a woman outsmarted a terrible man named Haman. Esther, with the help of her Uncle Mordicai saved the day!   For most of us, Purim is the holiday where you dress up in costumes (think Jewish Halloween without the scary stuff), gift baskets to those you love and

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Latkes If you have ever celebrated Chanukah, you’ve had Latkes. Potato Latkes are a beloved and cherished traditional treat that is definitely not low in calories. Each latke is fried to a crispy golden brown, placed on paper napkins to help soak up the oil, then eaten with delight. What are Latkes? Latkes are a fried pancake made of shredded potatoes traditionally eaten during the Jewish Festival of Chanukah. Different garnishes are served along side such as sour cream, apple sauce and sugar. The word latke itself is derived (via Yiddish) from the Russian word ‘ladka’, ‘oladka’, a diminutive from

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Health Benefits of Coffee

We at the district bagel know the number one thing people need in the morning… THATS COFFEE! It’s a great companion to our many breakfast options we have. Especially our bagels!! We want to provide you all with the some health benefits of coffee. I know what you’re thinking… what benefits? well….   Here are some of the best known health benefits associated with drinking coffee:   1. Lots of Antioxidants   Antioxidants support health at the micro-level by aiding healthy cells with their vibrancy and protecting them from damage. Raw green coffee beans contain almost 1,000 antioxidants, and hundreds

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5 Major Concepts of Passover & other interesting facts

If you are Jewish or know someone who is Jewish, chances are you’ve celebrated Passover and will again this year. For the better part of 3,000 years, we’ve been celebrating with our families all over the world. There are many aspects of Passover; we’ve included some some below, but exploring the 5 major concepts that Passover conveys from an article in Aish is a more interesting prospect. Aish is a blog website that started 17 years ago and they are one of the leading Jewish content websites out there, with over a million monthly users sessions, 380,000 subscribers and over

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The Orange

The Orange                                                 The orange has been with us for a very long time. There are records from Southeast Asia that date back more than 4,500 years. In warm climates orange trees are easy to grow and the fruit is plentiful! We invested in the Zumex, because being healthy comes down to the food choices we make. Freshly Squeezed orange Juice right there in our Bakery is our way of providing you with the best options. You have

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What is Shavuot?

What is Shavuot? And how did it become the Holiday for Cheese Cake and everything dairy?                                                 On a more spiritual or religious note, this is the holiday we symbolically re-accept the Torah. In the diaspora it’s a 2 day holiday. The word Shavuot means weeks. It marks the 7th week period after Passover.  It’s been more than 3,300 years that we got the Torah from Mount Sinai!  It’s the essence of the Jewish soul that we made this

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